Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

Alfamart take care consumer education

Alfaria Trijaya Resources Tbk, the manager of a retail chain Alfamart consumers continue raising funds through the program DonasiKu in store. This time, Alfamart in collaboration with Yayasan Bhakti Brave Nation to distribute three types of assistance during the period 1 February to 30 April 2017.

GM Corporate Communication Alfamart, Nur Rachman said program beneficiaries across the country had been so helpful. "We would like to invite the public to participate again to the number of beneficiaries continues to grow," he said, Tuesday (31/1).

Program to be executed in the period 1-28 February 2017 was Bright Eyes Bright Future. "A similar program has actually been running since 2014, the shape of the distribution of aid accompanied minus glasses free eye exams for the needy students in elementary, middle, and high school."

"However, given the fairly high demand minus glasses over quota, then A similar program is run by the foundation," he added.

According to him, the inspection program and the provision of free glasses at school level has been relatively less attention, both from government and private sectors. "In fact, eye health is equally important to note especially at the primary level. Early detection is much better to anticipate more severe vision problems in the future. If the child good vision, learning in school is also increasingly excited," he explained.

Bright Eyes Bright Future program throughout 2014 to 2016, said Nur Rachman, has distributed more than 50,000 glasses and in 2015 has won MURI record in the delivery of 32 007 glasses in a year.

For consumers fundraising period 1 to 31 March 2017 was channeled through Yayasan Bhakti Brave Nation. To channel their donations in the form of aid packages of school supplies for elementary and junior high students from disadvantaged families.

"The focus of channeling donations for March is still in the field of education, a similar program called I'm Ready The school also has been running since 2016," he explained.

Throughout 2016, the program has distributed at least 13 595 packages of school supplies. Each package containing school bags, uniforms elementary / junior high school, hats, ties, and stationery.

DonasiKu while for the period 1 to 30 April 2017, the donations channeled for relief shoes free school for elementary school / junior high / high school from disadvantaged families. Throughout 2014 and 2015, a similar program managed to distribute 47 563 pairs of shoes schools throughout Indonesia.

Witdarmono, Founder of Dare Bhakti Nations Foundation appreciates the cooperation with this Alfamart. "We as a manager of consumer promo jsm Alfamart donations during the period February to April, hoping that our brothers from disadvantaged families in particular are still in school can be touched by this assistance."

"That's why, since the beginning of our team has been running for mapping surveying territory that is in need, be it glasses, school supplies, and school shoes. We also received suggestions from the community if there is a region that needs help,

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