Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

Indomaret Ready to Give Local Products

The management of PT Indomaret invites residents Bulukumba, to market its products in the mini market.

"I invite people who have a home Bulukumba industry to incorporate its products into Indomaret along according to our qualification standards" said Manejmen Indomaret Bulukumba, Supardi during the seminar Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Tuesday (31/01/2017).

Following that, the Vice of Regent Tomy Satria who opened the seminar, said he encourages the acceleration of the economy during the Bulukumba are the perpetrators of SMEs.

According to the momentum of this seminar can be put to good use to develop new perspectives for young people that not only have jobs as civil servants or temporary employee.

Bulukumba said Tomy face the challenge of how to create jobs and alleviate poverty.

The existence of retail-medium retail Bulukumba has two sides, namely the challenges and opportunities.

Some say they contradict retail-retail small business actors, but from the perspective of the opportunities in order to promote the partnership aspect, the way how retail strengthening the capacity of small businesses in Bulukumba.

Tomy hopes, if all this is only well-known products on display in promo jsm Indomaret, this should be a challenge citizens Bulukumba how products can also be displayed in retail-existing retail

Alfamart take care consumer education

Alfaria Trijaya Resources Tbk, the manager of a retail chain Alfamart consumers continue raising funds through the program DonasiKu in store. This time, Alfamart in collaboration with Yayasan Bhakti Brave Nation to distribute three types of assistance during the period 1 February to 30 April 2017.

GM Corporate Communication Alfamart, Nur Rachman said program beneficiaries across the country had been so helpful. "We would like to invite the public to participate again to the number of beneficiaries continues to grow," he said, Tuesday (31/1).

Program to be executed in the period 1-28 February 2017 was Bright Eyes Bright Future. "A similar program has actually been running since 2014, the shape of the distribution of aid accompanied minus glasses free eye exams for the needy students in elementary, middle, and high school."

"However, given the fairly high demand minus glasses over quota, then A similar program is run by the foundation," he added.

According to him, the inspection program and the provision of free glasses at school level has been relatively less attention, both from government and private sectors. "In fact, eye health is equally important to note especially at the primary level. Early detection is much better to anticipate more severe vision problems in the future. If the child good vision, learning in school is also increasingly excited," he explained.

Bright Eyes Bright Future program throughout 2014 to 2016, said Nur Rachman, has distributed more than 50,000 glasses and in 2015 has won MURI record in the delivery of 32 007 glasses in a year.

For consumers fundraising period 1 to 31 March 2017 was channeled through Yayasan Bhakti Brave Nation. To channel their donations in the form of aid packages of school supplies for elementary and junior high students from disadvantaged families.

"The focus of channeling donations for March is still in the field of education, a similar program called I'm Ready The school also has been running since 2016," he explained.

Throughout 2016, the program has distributed at least 13 595 packages of school supplies. Each package containing school bags, uniforms elementary / junior high school, hats, ties, and stationery.

DonasiKu while for the period 1 to 30 April 2017, the donations channeled for relief shoes free school for elementary school / junior high / high school from disadvantaged families. Throughout 2014 and 2015, a similar program managed to distribute 47 563 pairs of shoes schools throughout Indonesia.

Witdarmono, Founder of Dare Bhakti Nations Foundation appreciates the cooperation with this Alfamart. "We as a manager of consumer promo jsm Alfamart donations during the period February to April, hoping that our brothers from disadvantaged families in particular are still in school can be touched by this assistance."

"That's why, since the beginning of our team has been running for mapping surveying territory that is in need, be it glasses, school supplies, and school shoes. We also received suggestions from the community if there is a region that needs help,

Superindo, Shopping Race Prize Voucher Shop

Not just a bike or motorcycle can racing, shopping also can while racing tablets. As held promo jsm Superindo Grage City Shopping Mall through Race. For those who want to join the shopping race there three times can be selected.

"We've been open for registration, having played with the team so we limit the number of teams," said Store Manager Superindo Grage City Mall Rinda.

Further Rinda, shopping race is a national program, but it only lasted several branches only in Indonesia, such as Superindo Bekasi, Surabaya Mastrip Superindo, Jombang, Malang, Surabaya and in the North Satellite implemented in Superindo Grage Cirebon City Mall. There is a shopping voucher prize draw for the winner and goodybag 1,2 and 3.

"Previously we've also made shopping race and quite a lot of participants, for it is now our limit," he told Radar Cirbeon, Friday (30/9).

How to join the race Superindo shopping very easy. Consumers must first be spending a minimum of 50 thousand per person which included a fresh product. Participants maximum of 10 teams, where one team of at least 4 four people. Participants will be given a list of products that should appropriately be collected together with the team, the more products that are appropriate listing and of course fast, can get the value of a more perfect. The committee will also provide a time limit for participants spending.

1st Place will receive shopping vouchers 500 thousand, 2nd place and 3rd place of 300 thousand 200 thousand plus each received additional goodybag. Interestingly, the groceries are included in the basket during the race will become the property of the participant. Shopping race had already had its own demand, because of some of the participants who register there also previously participated. "Maybe they were not already won or products do not exactly fit the list, so it is still curious and try to fix it

Thousands of Fun Walk Participants Join Giant Extras

Thousands of participants followed a leisurely stroll, Sunday (4/12) at the promo jsm Giant Shopping Center Extras page. Activity leisurely stroll is organized jointly Giant Extra Kompas Gramedia.

Promptly at 6:30 pm, Division Manager of Giant Extra Bangka, Agustin and General Manager Business Bangka Pos, Daryono flag start signal to begin a leisurely stroll. This activity is one Giant effort to get closer to the customer.

"This is a form of cooperation and concern Giant Extra greet our customers," says Division Manager Gaint Extras Bangka, Agustin before removing participants leisurely stroll.

Agustin Further, this kind of activity is a routine agenda that will do the Giant Extra. In addition to sports activities it also held a music event. Giant is already present in the Pacific since September 2015 and already has quite a lot of customers.

"We hoped that this event will further introduce the Giant to the public, and we are also getting closer to the customer. 2,200 tickets for a leisurely stroll, so probably around segitulah are present today. Every Sunday we provide promo at a price much cheaper for customers, "said Agustin.

Various prizes, electronic equipment and a motorcycle as the grand prize is prepared to be distributed to the lucky participants. Healthy walking route around the area this Girimaya followed various elements of society to arrive at the finish line Giant Extras page at around 7:10 pm.
Participants who arrive straight to the booths consumption prepared by the committee. No wonder that in an instant snacks eaten directly new participants finish.

"Crowded together families participate healthy way, the route is not too far away, do not run only if cape walk," said Ivan the Giant Fun Walk participants who were enjoying a snack.

While waiting for the announcement of the prizes for the participants walk, the community also presented with musical entertainment while enjoying breakfast. Furthermore, it appears some Giant Stan Morning Market offers various discounts on products such as herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Not only is it a festive event more lively with healthy aerobic exercise and guided zumba instructor. Participants relaxed way looked enthusiastic demonstrate the movement of two types of gymnastics.

Keseruan more so when 16 contestants compete to eat the apple quickly spend one apple to be able to take home the prize of shopping vouchers from Giant Extra Bangka.

Marketing Communication Giant, Dwi Nanto said Giant Fun Walk events held in three cities with the goal of getting closer to the customer.
"We want to let me embrace customer closeness, so when they go shopping they remember Giant tasty. There are many gifts that we prepare for that lucky customer, "said Dwi.

Giant is currently already has 170 outlets across Indonesia. 115 of them and 55 Giant Giant Express Ekstra.Ini conducted in several cities one Giant Bangka. There in Palembang and Sentul also for this event,